Immediate Load Dental Implants, commonly called Teeth-in-a-Day, are one of the newest advances in implant technology today. Traditional dental implants require multiple office visits and months of healing time after the implant is placed. Immediate load implants allows you to have a full set of teeth right after the implant surgery!

Traditional Dental Implants vs. Teeth-in-a-Day
Dental implants are surgically placed in the jawbone and usually require four to six months of healing time before the restoration can be placed. This waiting period means that you will be without a tooth for a few months while the bone and implant integrate, forming a strong bond. While traditional dental implants have a high success rate, the long waiting between surgery and a completed implant can make this treatment option difficult, especially in the case of an emergency.

Immediate Load Implants offer patients a no-waiting option as the missing teeth can be placed in one office visit! As soon as the surgery to place the implant is completed, the doctor can then place a restoration piece without any waiting period. Unlike traditional dental implants, you can walk out of your appointment with a full set of teeth. And, the implant will still look, feel, and function like a traditional dental implant.

And, immediate load implants can be placed directly following an extraction. Imagine walking out of your appointment will a full set of teeth!

Do I Qualify for Immediate Load Dental Implants?
Unfortunately, not everyone will qualify for immediate load implants. Your doctor will look for specific markers that will indicate if you are a good candidate for immediate load implants. It is important that you meet all of the criteria or the implant may not be successful.